Tug of War Rope

towTug of War Rope – Taking the Strain

Sometimes described as “the ultimate competition game” every village should have one as part of British heritage. Rumour has it that Ian the founder of RopeWork UK used to compete a lot in Tug of War contests so you can be sure you are getting the real deal.

Tug of WarTug of War Rope – Feeling the Strain

Traditional tug-of-war rope made
from 3 strand natural sisal rope,
36m in length and 36mm diameter made to exceed the standards required by the English Tug of War Association.

Each rope we supply has an attached “centre-start” marker to determine the contest starts  fair
and indicates the winning team.

Each end of the rope is finished off in the traditional way to ensure the ropes look their best throughout their long  ife. This means they are “back spliced” & whipped by hand. (Beware of less traditional ropes that are merely taped) This traditional finish has been preventing the ends of tug of war and other ropes from un-ravelling.

Regulation Tug of War Rope measures 36 metres and & is 36mm in diameter..

Other non -regulation sizes in various lengths & diameter rope is also available upon request.

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